At The Yoga Deck, I do yoga differently. On the deck, the classes are private, outdoors and limited to 6 people. This allows me to focus on each individual and where you are in your practice. I can modify the poses to suit individual needs to ensure the practice is tailored to you. 


Online the classes remain small and intimate. I encourage you to roll out your mat outdoors in the garden or balcony, so you can escape the confines of the everyday and enjoy the fresh air, just for an hour.


Connecting with friends and family is so important. On the Yoga Deck and online I encourage you to book session times with you friends so you can share the joy of yoga with those that make you feel happy. If there isn’t a time that suits your friendship group, please let me know.  





I’m a qualified yoga instructor with 11 years of teaching and 22 years of personal yoga practice I taught at Royal Rehab working with students with spinal injuries and neuro impairment. This has enhanced my knowledge and understanding to adapt poses to suit all individual's needs.  

According to my students, my difference is that The Yoga Deck is a place to get together with your friends or family and practice yoga outdoors. The focus is on

you, your progression and you get to hang out and have fun with 

your best friends.

A portion of every student's class fees is donated to the Aminata Maternal Foundation, providing support and medical care to maternal women in Sierra Leone. An amazing initiative and you can read more about it here: https://aminatamaternalfoundation.org/


I believe that everyone can reap the benefits of a regular yoga practice, no matter what it looks like or how flexible you are.  



Hi, I’m Meg, the creator of The Yoga Deck. I have two gorgeous boys and share the daily stress of being a mum and a business owner! I love to laugh till my belly hurts, eat delicious food and cook… mostly in that order. My goal for 2020 was to travel, it's now my goal for 2021.